Therapeutic Massage

It’s easy to forget that a massage can be therapeutic, and not just something you splurge on at the resort or on vacation. Next time you are feeling stressed out or even if you have a more serious issue, consider a therapeutic massage to help heal both your mind and body.

Massage can be a lot of different things, but generally it involves using pressure and manipulating the skin and deeper tissue or muscles. Just about everybody has most likely had a shoulder massage at some point in their lives – either from a professional chiropractor or friend. Most of the times massage just helps a person relax, but there are a variety of other things they can address.

Why Get a Therapeutic Massage

The short answer is almost why not? The benefits can include everything from relaxation, improved well being, muscle stimulation, physical rehabilitation and more.  In most professional settings clients are given therapeutic massages on a table, specialized chair or even a mat. Full, partial and even unclothed massages are also available depending on what a person might prefer.

What to expect from a Therapeutic Massage

Most reputable places will answer any questions you have regarding their particular techniques, rates, options etc. It is always a good idea to call first if there is a specific type of treatment or question you have. This gives the person who will be administering your massage a chance to prepare as well and will make for a better experience all the way around.



Swiss Ball Exercises

Swiss balls have become more and more popular as a safe, fun and effective way to exercise. You might have also seen Swiss balls in yoga studios, gyms and even school fitness or sports programs. There are almost unlimited uses and exercises that can be done with a Swiss ball and even better they are long lasting and relatively cheap.

Where do Swiss Balls Come From

To state the obvious, these originated in Switzerland and were used by physical therapists and chiropractors as early as the 60′s. It was used for rehabilitation early on and eventually made its way to the United States around the 80′s. Since then, physical exercises, training and a wide range of uses other than just rehabilitation have been developed.

Why use a Swiss Ball

The wide variety of exercises available is one of the number one reasons people use Swiss Balls. Not only are they relatively affordable, but they can easily be used at home as well as in settings like your doctor’s office, exercise facility or chiropractor. Benefits range from rehabilitation after sports injuries or other aggravations all the way to strength training, balance and flexibility.

Other names for a Swiss Ball

These are also referred to in some places by different names and a variety of manufactures make similar products to the original Swiss ball. In general they are all flexible, inflated balls from 15-30 inches in diameter.

  • yoga ball
  • balance ball
  • sports ball
  • pilates ball
  • birth ball

Exercises and Stretches Using Swiss Balls

Check out some free Swiss Ball Exercises online or other ways to use this in the video below.


Myofascial Release

This soft tissue therapy helps to relax contracted muscles, improving blood flow, circulation and helping to stimulate muscles. Maximum Health Chiropractic center can help provide treatment in myofascial release whether you are a first time patient or seeking regular treatment.

This type of chiropractic treatment refers to the fascia, a soft tissue component providing protection and supporting muscles and other portions of the body. By using different indirect and direct techniques, treatment to this fascia can be applied to relieve pain for a number of symptoms.


myofascial xray