Neck Stretches for Office Workers

How many of you get up from your chair after a long day of work and feel your body telling you how stiff it is? Or worse, maybe you turn around quickly or reach for the phone when all of a sudden a crick in your neck or shooting pain from a muscle sends a jolt through your body. With the increase in office jobs this is becoming something that is more and more common.

Let’s face it, the work day is stressful and even when you plan to exercise or stretch during the day, there are too many times when you look up at the clock and the day is almost done despite there being a ton of work left to do. The net result is that it gets easy to think, who has time to exercise – I have to get this done! Sometimes there isn’t even enough time to sit down and enjoy lunch much less do some simple exercises for neck pain or back pain prevention.

It’s hard to make this a priority in a lot of work days, but the older we all get the more important it becomes. Our bodies are just not designed to be sitting down in one position for hours and hours at a time and eventually this catches up with us. Maximum Health Chiropractic Center in Atascadero, CA gets patients all the time that come into our chiropractor office suffering from different types of back pain and neck pain. Much of this pain is related to office or administration jobs that make it difficult to stretch or get regular exercise.

We found the following infographic on Pinterest recently with some great and simple suggestions on neck stretches for office workers and thought it would be good to share for those of you looking for something quick and practical you can do to stretch your neck during your work day. While the woman in the photo didn’t look like most of the office workers we treat ;) , at least the exercises for stretching your neck are pretty practical


A great infographic from highlights some easy neck stretches

The Huffington Post also had this stretches all desk workers should do post recently, and here are some of the highlights from their article.

Stretches for Desk Wokers and Office Workers

  • Stretch the Neck & Shoulders
  • Stretch your Abdominals
  • Lower Back and Lats

There are a few different techniques and exercises to do this and we’ll let you read their full article or Google around for better results. If neck stretches aren’t enough or you are already starting to feel some tension or neck pain, contact us or schedule an appointment to treat your neck pain in Atascadero at our offices. We treat each individual patient differently and are focused on coming up with individual solutions that work in peoples daily lives rather than just treating symptoms or providing superficial treatment.

The longer you can take care of your body the healthier you will feel mentally as well as physically. Why not log into your work computer, schedule a 15 minute chunk of time once or twice a day that you dedicate to stretching your neck at your desk or in your office. In the long run, you will be glad you did and it might be the only way to get it done without the hours flying by!



Swiss Ball Exercises

Swiss balls have become more and more popular as a safe, fun and effective way to exercise. You might have also seen Swiss balls in yoga studios, gyms and even school fitness or sports programs. There are almost unlimited uses and exercises that can be done with a Swiss ball and even better they are long lasting and relatively cheap.

Where do Swiss Balls Come From

To state the obvious, these originated in Switzerland and were used by physical therapists and chiropractors as early as the 60′s. It was used for rehabilitation early on and eventually made its way to the United States around the 80′s. Since then, physical exercises, training and a wide range of uses other than just rehabilitation have been developed.

Why use a Swiss Ball

The wide variety of exercises available is one of the number one reasons people use Swiss Balls. Not only are they relatively affordable, but they can easily be used at home as well as in settings like your doctor’s office, exercise facility or chiropractor. Benefits range from rehabilitation after sports injuries or other aggravations all the way to strength training, balance and flexibility.

Other names for a Swiss Ball

These are also referred to in some places by different names and a variety of manufactures make similar products to the original Swiss ball. In general they are all flexible, inflated balls from 15-30 inches in diameter.

  • yoga ball
  • balance ball
  • sports ball
  • pilates ball
  • birth ball

Exercises and Stretches Using Swiss Balls

Check out some free Swiss Ball Exercises online or other ways to use this in the video below.


Controlled Stretching

Controlled stretching can increase flexibility in joints. While there are a lot of factors that contribute to the flexibility of different joints in different people, controlled stretching can help to increase flexibility. Certain types of sports and athletes might find this particularly useful when focusing on a specific joint or area related to their chosen sport.

What Is Controlled Stretching

Controlled stretching typically refers to exercises that are slow and controlled. These stretches can be performed with the help of your doctor or chiropractor, and are more slow and methodical. Muscles are gently positioned into stretching positions and held in place for a short period of time. Sometimes the process will be repeated a few times depending on the muscles or situation.

Benefits of Controlled Stretching

The primary benefit of controlled stretching is improved flexibility. This means getting a broader or better range of motion in the joints you are focused on. Sports athletes in particular have found this useful to help improve their abilities and perform better. Muscle building is also improved and the chances of injuries are reduced.

To find out more if controlled stretching can help to increase your flexibility, or inquire about some of our other chiropractor services, contact Maximum Health Chiropractic or stop by our office.

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