Chiropractor or Pharmicist

There are many conflicting opinions on this issue and we thought it was worth writing a post about. People should definitely do their own research and make up their own opinions, however the more research that is looked at the clearer it becomes to many chiropractors across the U.S. Here is the underlying question:

Is Back & Neck Pain Better Treated With:

  • Medication
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Physical Therapy
  • Combination of the Above

This isn’t the most exciting question to ask (unless you’re a chiropractor nerd like us) but when you find yourself in pain or have a neck or back injury it becomes a little more urgent. Anyone who has experienced this before can relate – one minute everything is fine and your thoughts are consumed with the usual day-to-day life, the next minute you are in excruciating pain and all you can think about is who to call to get rid of it.

A recent article we saw on a ABCNews website is what really gave the idea to discuss these options in a post. We won’t spoil the results (or at least try not to) but suffice to say that they spent 12 weeks studying patients that tried a variety of treatments to see what worked best. Again, every situation is different and by no means are we suggesting there is a one size fits all solution for everyone with neck, back or other pain.

Taking Medication for Treating Back & Neck Pain

As modern medicine and advancements in pharmaceuticals have made strides, Americans in particular have sometimes adopted an attitude that taking a pill can solve everything. Sure there are medications that have extraordinary benefits in a lot of situations, but sometimes it is necessary to change behaviors or habits as well.

In the case of back pain or neck pain, medications by help to mask or alleviate acute pain in the short term, but no necessarily fix the problem. Taking a pill every day to get through work or as a temporary fix may seem to work, but is it really a solution? What if there are side effects that might catch up over the long term? Are there cost issues? What if you forget your pills one day or are unable to get a refill in time? This recent blog post in also touches on some of the addiction issues or increased pain risks when relying solely on medication to alleviate pain.

Maybe the problem or cause of the neck and back pain is getting worse and you are unaware because the medication masks the pain. Wouldn’t a long term solution that solves the origin or source of the pain be better? This question seems obvious but in the everyday stress and chaos of our lives it sometimes seems like we may be too busy to drop everything and go see a doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back & Neck Pain

Full disclosure, since Maximum Health Chiropractic is a local chiropractor office, we do have a vested interested in recommending this as a treatment. But you don’t have to take our word for it. More and more studies, like the one we referenced above on, are showing the benefits of chiropractic treatment as a stand alone solution or combined with other forms of treatment.

In fact, just browsing through the titles on some of the Top Chiropractic Studies of 2013 it seems pretty clear that there are definitive benefits to seeing your local chiropractor for treatment of back or neck pain. At our local Atascadero office, we treat each patient that comes through the door as an individual, and are focused on working with them to find a solution for their lifestyle and situation. We ask questions about their day to day lives, how the particularly pain they feel effects them, and then discuss options for treatment that might help them specifically.

Our goal is to provide honest and effective treatment focused on each person’s individual situation or need.

Physical Therapy for Back & Neck Pain

There is no question that physical therapy can play a beneficial role in the treatment and recovery process. A lot of times muscles need to be re-strengthened , stretched or straightened from not being used and physical therapy is a good way to do this. A quick look at this article on shows some of these benefits. This should always been done under the supervision of a doctor or chiropractor because the last thing anyone wants is to re-injure themselves during treatment.

Re-aggravating or causing an existing injury to get worse is easier to do than one might think. We all get a little stir crazy sitting around waiting for our bodies to heal. Sometimes the urge to get back to our regular lives drives us to do so before the body is fully healed and in turn actually ends up setting the healing process back. This is particularly true with neck and back pain injuries.

Use a Combination of Treatments for Back and Neck Pain

This might actually be the best case since there is no real magic bullet when it comes to recovering from a serious physical injury. A recent article and report from on Managed Care in elderly patients helps to illustrate this. When choosing a combination of treatments if you have back and neck pain, we strongly recommend that you factor your local chiropractor into the equation. And on the off chance that you’re in Atascadero, CA – Come check us out at Maximum Health Chiropractic Center!


Chiropractic Treatment is Cost Effective

A lot of people put off seeing doctors, chiropractors and all kinds of other professionals because they are scared about how much money it might cost. It’s hard to blame them sometimes! We all know how high the costs have become when it takes care of our health. What people fail to realize is that sometimes seeing a chiropractor can be a cost-effective way to treat pain alone or in combination with other treatments.

How is seeing a  Chiropractor Cost Effective?

Anyone who has been to the ER or a hospital lately knows what it can cost – even if you have health insurance. Regular or timely visits to your local chiropractor office can cost substantially less than an emergency visit to the hospital, and might even prevent you from having to go at all. Every situation is different, but sometimes it comes down to the familiar saying that you might have to spend a little to save a lot. At Maximum Health Chiropractic here in Atascadero, we have heard countless success stories from our own patients similar to some of the ones you can find here.

Chiropractic Treatment can be an alternative to pills

Aside from the high costs of prescription medication, treatment at your local chiropractor can in some instances replace or reduce your need for pain medication. Not only will this end up saving you money in the long run, but it can also reduce side effects that might be present and lead to a higher quality of life.




Therapeutic Massage

It’s easy to forget that a massage can be therapeutic, and not just something you splurge on at the resort or on vacation. Next time you are feeling stressed out or even if you have a more serious issue, consider a therapeutic massage to help heal both your mind and body.

Massage can be a lot of different things, but generally it involves using pressure and manipulating the skin and deeper tissue or muscles. Just about everybody has most likely had a shoulder massage at some point in their lives – either from a professional chiropractor or friend. Most of the times massage just helps a person relax, but there are a variety of other things they can address.

Why Get a Therapeutic Massage

The short answer is almost why not? The benefits can include everything from relaxation, improved well being, muscle stimulation, physical rehabilitation and more.  In most professional settings clients are given therapeutic massages on a table, specialized chair or even a mat. Full, partial and even unclothed massages are also available depending on what a person might prefer.

What to expect from a Therapeutic Massage

Most reputable places will answer any questions you have regarding their particular techniques, rates, options etc. It is always a good idea to call first if there is a specific type of treatment or question you have. This gives the person who will be administering your massage a chance to prepare as well and will make for a better experience all the way around.