Some Atascadero History

I had a few minutes today and thought I would write a little about the history of Atascadero, CA. For some reason I found myself on the Atascadero Historical website and found some of the early history about the town to be pretty interesting and thought I would share a few highlights for those who may not know.

Atascadero CA

Edward Gardner Lewis (E.G. Lewis) is really the person to credit with having the vision that came to be Atascadero California. Numerous books and articles mention that before he came along it was not much more than cow pasture. As with all historical figures, there is definitely some debate over whether or not E.G Lewis was a business person interested in quick riches and making a buck or a true visionary looking to carve a utopia out of open land and oaks.


In 1913, he and his wife purchased 23,000 acres that would eventually become the colony of Atascadero. The price tag for this was under a million dollars back then and more land was added a few years later in 1918. The story gets interesting from here and there are a few books that do a much better job of the details than I will in this short post. Check out this post for more info

Long story short is that in 1925 due to bankruptcy, a trustee took over which eventually led to the residents voting to incorporate as a city in 1979. Just recently in 2013 was the centennial celebration.

City of Atascadero website has some information and there are a lot more interesting details on the Atascadero Historical website

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