Doctor Andy Huyck

Maximum Health Chiropractic does not employ a “one size fits all” approach and takes pride in treating patients like people, not appointments. Each patient and visit is evaluated individually and a treatment plan is then applied to meet your individual chiropractic needs.


Dr. Andy Huyck

After growing up on a farm in Lompoc, CA, Doctor Andy attended Allan Hancock College from 1974-1976, earning an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts. He then moved on to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he studied Crop Science for two years. Later, while coaching high school wrestling at Santa Ynez High School, Doctor Andy went back to Cal Poly as a Physical Education major in hopes of teaching and coaching. During this period, Doctor Andy was exposed to the works of Dr. LeRoy Perry, who was practicing sports medicine chiropractic in Los Angeles. Doctor Andy went back to Allan Hancock to finish some prerequisites, then headed north to Sunnyvale, CA, earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer West Chiropractic College in 1985, and opened Maximum Health in 1987 right here in Atascadero.

andrea lauren and kaleb

Andrea, Lauren, and grandson Kaleb

1985 was a big year for Doctor Andy. Not only did he graduate from Chiropractic College, he also experienced the birth of his first daughter, Andrea. Soon after, Lauren Huyck was born in 1988. Doctor Andy comes from a large family consisting of eight children, four boys and four girls. Family is a big part of Doctor Andy’s life, and he never passes up a chance to spend quality time with his family. In 2005, Doctor Andy married the most wonderful, beautiful life partner, Kristi. With the addition of Grady (the wonder dog), the family is now complete.

When he’s not helping patients at Maximum Health, Doctor Andy is a fixture in the Atascadero community. He started the athletic training program at Atascadero High School 25 years ago. He spent 20 years as a youth wrestling coach, 5 years as a Wrangler Sports Medicine Physician for rodeos in California, and 15 years as a volunteer at the Wildflower Triathlon at Lake San Antonio. Doc continues to volunteer at Atascadero High School’s sports medicine program, and happily assists any and all Greyhounds with their physical health concerns. Doctor Andy has adapted sports medicine techniques for all people–not just athletes.

For the past two years, Doctor Andy has been the study hall coach for the Atascadero Greyhound Varsity Football team. Dr. Andy is quite pleased with the improvement in the team GPA, and stresses the importance of a good education to all the student athletes.