Controlled Stretching

Controlled stretching can increase flexibility in joints. While there are a lot of factors that contribute to the flexibility of different joints in different people, controlled stretching can help to increase flexibility. Certain types of sports and athletes might find this particularly useful when focusing on a specific joint or area related to their chosen sport.

What Is Controlled Stretching

Controlled stretching typically refers to exercises that are slow and controlled. These stretches can be performed with the help of your doctor or chiropractor, and are more slow and methodical. Muscles are gently positioned into stretching positions and held in place for a short period of time. Sometimes the process will be repeated a few times depending on the muscles or situation.

Benefits of Controlled Stretching

The primary benefit of controlled stretching is improved flexibility. This means getting a broader or better range of motion in the joints you are focused on. Sports athletes in particular have found this useful to help improve their abilities and perform better. Muscle building is also improved and the chances of injuries are reduced.

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