Techniques & Services

While many people seek a chiropractor for some form of back or neck pain in their lives, you need to know that subluxation often causes dysfunction within our bodies that we are not aware of. It is this form of interference to the expression of life and health that is most dangerous because it represents the loss of function, health, well-being and, most importantly, potential that could have been. Patients say it’s the best treatment in town; you just can’t beat the combination of muscle work and chiropractic.

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Types of Treatments:
The Hydrocolator is a great way to apply moist heat during a treatment session.

Controlled Stretching

-a variety of back stretches help develop flexibility and aid in balancing musculature. Read more on Controlled Stretching

Flexion Distraction

-reduces compression in the lower back muscles. Read more on Flexion Distraction

Therapeutic Ultrasound

-uses sound waves to generate heat that assists in soft tissue remodeling

Joint Manipulation

-frees fixations that may develop in joints causing restricted motion. In our office, we use a diversified technique, which incorporates many different chiropractic techniques. Read more on Joint Manipulation

Muscle Stimulation

-uses electric currents to loosen muscles, aid in tissue repair, and decrease pain. Read more on Muscle Stimulation

Manual Strength Training Exercises

-often combined with back strengthening exercises, they help develop core strength. Core strength is essential to proper musculoskeletal care.

Moist Heat

-useful in reducing muscle spasms and promoting relaxation.

Swiss Ball Exercises

-helps patients develop stabilizer muscle strength and awareness. Strength and awareness are essential in preventing future injuries.

Elastic Tubing Exercises

-Provides resistance to strengthen muscles through sport- or activity- specific movements


-the use of ice or exposure to cold that helps to minimize inflammation and decrease pain.

Therapeutic Massage

-helpful in decreasing muscle spasms, lengthening shortened soft tissues, and decreasing muscular imbalances.

Myofascial Release

-deep tissue technique used to break up adhesions/scar tissue.