Neck Stretches for Office Workers

How many of you get up from your chair after a long day of work and feel your body telling you how stiff it is? Or worse, maybe you turn around quickly or reach for the phone when all of a sudden a crick in your neck or shooting pain from a muscle sends a jolt through your body. With the increase in office jobs this is becoming something that is more and more common.

Let’s face it, the work day is stressful and even when you plan to exercise or stretch during the day, there are too many times when you look up at the clock and the day is almost done despite there being a ton of work left to do. The net result is that it gets easy to think, who has time to exercise – I have to get this done! Sometimes there isn’t even enough time to sit down and enjoy lunch much less do some simple exercises for neck pain or back pain prevention.

It’s hard to make this a priority in a lot of work days, but the older we all get the more important it becomes. Our bodies are just not designed to be sitting down in one position for hours and hours at a time and eventually this catches up with us. Maximum Health Chiropractic Center in Atascadero, CA gets patients all the time that come into our chiropractor office suffering from different types of back pain and neck pain. Much of this pain is related to office or administration jobs that make it difficult to stretch or get regular exercise.

We found the following infographic on Pinterest recently with some great and simple suggestions on neck stretches for office workers and thought it would be good to share for those of you looking for something quick and practical you can do to stretch your neck during your work day. While the woman in the photo didn’t look like most of the office workers we treat ;) , at least the exercises for stretching your neck are pretty practical


A great infographic from highlights some easy neck stretches

The Huffington Post also had this stretches all desk workers should do post recently, and here are some of the highlights from their article.

Stretches for Desk Wokers and Office Workers

  • Stretch the Neck & Shoulders
  • Stretch your Abdominals
  • Lower Back and Lats

There are a few different techniques and exercises to do this and we’ll let you read their full article or Google around for better results. If neck stretches aren’t enough or you are already starting to feel some tension or neck pain, contact us or schedule an appointment to treat your neck pain in Atascadero at our offices. We treat each individual patient differently and are focused on coming up with individual solutions that work in peoples daily lives rather than just treating symptoms or providing superficial treatment.

The longer you can take care of your body the healthier you will feel mentally as well as physically. Why not log into your work computer, schedule a 15 minute chunk of time once or twice a day that you dedicate to stretching your neck at your desk or in your office. In the long run, you will be glad you did and it might be the only way to get it done without the hours flying by!



Winter Olympics

It’s almost impossible to not notice that the Olympics are going on in Sochi Russia right now. With the time delay it really makes things kind of unexciting. I say this because before the events are even aired in Prime Time by NBC, the results are already spread across the news. Of course this isn’t the end of the world, but it does make things quite anti-climactic.

It’s hard to get excited about an event when you already know who the winners are and what medals went to whom. I don’t remember this being as much of a let down in past Olympics, and I’m sure there was plenty of time delays before. Am I the only one that thinks it seems less exciting to watch this time around?

I thought I heard rumors that ALL the events were going to be available live online in real time etc, but the little I’ve looked into so far is pretty disappointing. There are a lot of videos available, but most of them just seem to be clips of individual runs or specific people rather than entire, uninterrupted events. It seems almost impossible to find a full event without having to click and watch a ton of individual videos that all have a long advertisement in front of them.

Moving on, let’s give all these athletes credit for both being in amazing physical shape and powering through what must be an endless parade of injuries. In the chiropractor world there area  lot of neck pain, back pain, muscle, bone and joint issues. Sports injuries and athletes at the highest level experience some of the most serious injuries and should be given credit for enduring this and continuing to repeat.

One of the most exciting events (which I believe is new this year), is what they are calling the slopestyle events. At first I thought this was just snowboarding but I think that it also includes skiing as well. The way that I try to think about this slopestyle event is almost like a freestyle skateboarding event – only on snow with some bigger jumps. The athletes start at the top of the hill and proceed downward to some handrails and a series of huge jumps. The tricks they pull off on these jumps are intense.

Just seeing one or two wipeouts on some of these big air events is almost enough to make you cringe. Sometimes the athletes hit the ice so hard that their helmets can literally break. Check out some of the pics in this gallery of a broken helmet. I don’t even want to think about the possibilities for severe neck injuries or back injuries with sports that are this extreme. One thing that many young athletes or sportspeople may not realize, is that the athletes in the olympics have put thousands of hours of training, practice and preparation into their sports. Nobody should try to attempt some of the massive aerial maneuvers or tricks that these pros do without some major practice and preparation.

Regardless of the time delay and difficulty trying to ignore who the winners are before the actual events are shown on TV, the Olympics are awesome. They showcase some of the best athletes across many nations competing in various sports. Personally I enjoy the summer Olympics more than the Winter Olympics, but can definitely appreciate them both. Anyone who has ever played any sport, whether it be in high school, college or at a competitive level, knows the discipline, skill and ability it takes to perform. Doing this against some of the best Athletes in the world takes an incredible amount of talent, but winning a gold, silver or bronze medal makes it all worth it.

Back Pain Consultations

Back pain and back injuries are no laughing matter. If you’ve never had any issues with your back or spine, consider yourself lucky. If you have, then you know just how fast back pain can bring your every day life to screeching halt.

Why Get a Back Pain Consultation?

Not all back pain is the same. Nerve pain can be different than muscle pain and issues like arthritis, disc problems or other diseases can also play a factor. In addition to helping find out and diagnosis what kind of back pain you have, a back pain consultation can also help locate the real source or orgin of you pain so the right treatment can be applied. Common back injuries can be found in different areas of the back, including:

  • Lower Back
  • Middle Back
  • Upper Back
  • Cervical Spine
  • Thoracic Spine
  • Lumbar Spine

back pain consultation

Knowing both the precise cause of a persons back pain and location provides the first step in treating the problem. This is why a back pain consultation is so important. Sometimes you might feel symptoms and problems in one part of your body, but the underlying cause might be from another place.

What Increases Back Pain Risk

Generally speaking, the back is such a large part of the human body that it used in just about every physical action or motion. Because of this is it is not always easy to avoid risks or injuries. There may also be genetic or historical factors in your family history that can not be changed. Some of the things that can be changed to help avoid back pain risk are:

Regular Exercise – This is good for overall health and should be something everybody incorporates into their every day life

Smoking – Believe it or not, some studies show that smokers have a higher risk of back pain than non smokers. Be sure to mention to your chiropractor if you are a smoker when you are receiving a back pain consultation.

Obesity and Overweight – This sometimes goes along the first point of regular exercise. There are a wide range of things that people who are overweight are at higher risk for.

Stress – This one might not be the easiest to manage, but nonetheless is an important factor to point out in any back pain consultation. Both physical and emotional stress are factors.


Back pain is unfortunately one of the more common ailments out there and millions and millions of people will suffer from it at some point in their lives. A back pain consultation should be considered both for acute accidents or incidents when someone experiences immediate or sudden pain, as well as long term back pain that might not seem like a big deal at first but steadily increases over time. Choosing to see your doctor or chiropractor early on for an initial back pain consultation is very important. There may be some action or exercise you can take early that will prevent an injury from getting much worse.

Most local chiropractors can help not only in the evaluation and consultation, but can also provide treatment options at different levels. In some cases, patients might be able to perform regular exercises or stretching at home that will improve the problem. Others may be more suited for regular treatment or supervised help from medially trained professionals.

As with all doctors and medical treatment, it is important that you give your chiropractor or doctor ALL relevant information they will need to best evaluation your individual situation.

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