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Atascadero Chiropractor Dr. Andy Huyck has been helping San Luis Obispo area residents with a variety of chiropractic needs for many years. All injuries and ailments are not the same and Maximum Health Chiropractic Center takes pride in focusing on treatments specific to each individual situation. If you are looking for a local Atascadero chiropractor for back, neck or other bodily pain, please call us at (805) 466-0807 or Request an Appointment Online.


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Some of the types of chiropractic techniques and services include controlled stretching, myofascial release, Swiss ball exercisers, muscle and joint stimulation and more. There are a number of physical and emotional factors that influence the health of our individual bodies. More importantly, all chiropractors and doctors should consider an individual’s specific situation when giving treatment. This helps the patient feel better and heal faster.

Dr. Andy Huyck
Atascadero Chiropractor

Dr. Andy is an Atascadero chiropractor very familiar with sports injuries and community athletes, having worked with Atascadero High School athletics for a variety of years. Currently he volunteers time working with the Greyhounds and stresses the importance of academics while practicing sports medicine and mentoring local athletes.

Maximum Health Chiropractic Center

Individually Focused Treatment - time is taken with every patient to find the right treatment for each situation and each visit is treated accordingly

Communciation – a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where you can work 1 on 1 to address your needs

Locally Focused – an Atascadero Chiropractor who grew up in the area and has been a part of the community for years.

Controlled Stretching

-a variety of back stretches help develop flexibility and aid in balancing musculature

Therapeutic Massage

-helpful in decreasing muscle spasms, lengthening shortened soft tissues, and decreasing muscular imbalances.

Myofascial Release

-deep tissue technique used to break up adhesions/scar tissue.

Flexion Distraction

-reduces compression in the lower back muscles

Therapeutic Ultrasound

-uses sound waves to generate heat that assists in soft tissue remodeling

Joint Manipulation

-frees fixations that may develop in joints causing restricted motion. In our office, we use a diversified technique, which incorporates many different chiropractic techniques.

Muscle Stimulation

-uses electric currents to loosen muscles, aid in tissue repair, and decrease pain.

Manual Strength Training Exercises

-often combined with back strengthening exercises, they help develop core strength. Core strength is essential to proper musculoskeletal care.

Moist Heat

-useful in reducing muscle spasms and promoting relaxation.

Swiss Ball Exercises

-helps patients develop stabilizer muscle strength and awareness. Strength and awareness are essential in preventing future injuries.

Elastic Tubing Exercises

-Provides resistance to strengthen muscles through sport- or activity- specific movements


-the use of ice or exposure to cold that helps to minimize inflammation and decrease pain.